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How Configuration Manager Backup Uses the Volume Shadow Copy Service

In this article Jeff Gilbert from Microsoft has provided very useful information about Volume Shadow Copy feature of Windows Server 2003 and its uses in backing up ConfigMgr database.
Here is the link of the article.

WARNING:Exceeded max server round trips: 0x80244010

Issue: New Windows Update clients fail to install/sync the software updates from WSUS server WindowsUpdate.log file gives many errors refering error code 0x80244010. Task sequence step to install Software Updates during OSD, in ConfigMgr2007, will also fail due to that error.

Resolution:Read this blog post from Microsoft WSUS support team.

More updates on WSUS can be found here:

EEHndlr WARNING: Failed to populate ServiceStartup entries in Cache: error 0x80070002

We see an error "EEHndlr WARNING: Failed to populate ServiceStartup entries in Cache: error 0x80070002" in "WindowsUpdate.log file on a Windows 2003 SP2 x64 server.

Read this Technet Blog for the resolution.

TFTP Download: smsboot\x64\

You get following error when you PXE boot a client to deploy an OS image from ConfigMgr (PSP) :

TFTP Download: smsboot\x64\

PXE Boot aborted. Booting to next device....

Here is the answer to this issue : How to get rid of at .

PXE Client Reboots After Booting In WinPE

I came across this issue several time while working on OS Deployment with ConfigMgr 2007.

Clients boots in to PXE, contact the SUP server ,get WinPE image, boot in to WinPE with SCCM screen and then it reboots after couple of minutes. No error message thrown.

Cause : The most like cause is that the network driver (Vista OS) for that particular model of computerhas not been injucted in to the boot image.

Resolution: Find the correct Windows Vista network driver for the target computer and injuct the driver in to boot image.

How to :

Other references are:

Error: Failed to run BeginSearch() on WUAgent. Error = 0x80070422

Problem : You get this error in WUAHandler.log on client machine.

Cause : "Automatic Updates" service is disabled or not running.

Resolution: Start above service on client machine.

How to Re-install SUP on SCCM ?

Sometimes we come across issues with WSUS installed on SCCM server and re-installing it resolves most of the issues. So, the question is what are the steps to re-install the WSUS from SCCM server?

Here are the steps:

Step 1
Uninstall the SUP role and wait for some time . Any SUP object like updates lists, templates etc. wont be deleted. SUPSetup.log file in the logs directory will show you the status of the uninstall action.

Step 2
Uninstall WSUS from Add/Remove programs. When you uninstall the WSUS you will have the option to remove the DB, Files and Logs. Doing this on the WSUS server will not affect what is in SCCM So, to completely uninstall WSUS, make sure you remove the DB at least.

Step 3
Restart the server.

Step 4
Install WSUS and add SUP site server role on SCCM server.Again check the SUPSetup.log for results.

This completes the procedure.

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