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How to use SBMERGE command to update a Thinapp package

Here are the simple steps for using SBMERGE command on a ThinApp Project...
SBMERGE Process:
  1. Make a copy of the original ThinApp Project WITH the BIN folder and it's contents (EXEs/Data Container).
  2. Clear the SANDBOX within the %APPDATA%\THINSTALL folder.
  3. Run the virtual application in the project to be updated.
  4. Update the application with plugins, settings, updates, modifications. Close the app.
  5. Re-launch the app and test the updates exist and work.
  6. Close the app.
  7. Open CMD and change to the directory where virtual application is stored.
    Example: C:\Thinapp\packages\Firefox
    NOTE: If successful, the ThinApp Sandbox for this packaged app will have been removed from %APPDATA%\Thinstall.
  9. Execute BUILD.BAT within the project just updated by SBMERGE.
  10. Run new version of ThinApp packaged app to test updates/mods.
  11. Deploy via AppSync, Side-by-Side, MSI (via ESD), etc.
Source: VMware
More on updating ThiApp packages:

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