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SCCM 2007 interview questions

Q. Can you change a secondary site to a primary site?

A. No. A secondary site is always a secondary site. It cannot be upgraded, moved, or changed without deleting it and reinstalling it. If you delete and reinstall, you lose all secondary site data.

Q. Can you distribute a package to a computer without making it a member of a collection?

A. No. To distribute software you must have a package, a program and an advertisement. Advertisements can only be sent to collections, not to computers. If you want to distribute a package to a single computer, you must create a collection for that computer.

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SCCM 2007 Quiz Application from Microsoft

The System Center Configuration Manager 2007 User Assistance team has created a set of quizzes to help you assess your understanding of the dependencies and requirements for key features of Configuration Manager. These quizzes help to raise your level of awareness of the some of the nuances of these features before you configure and use them.

SCCM 2007 Quiz Application

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Exchange 2010 Quick Installation Guide

I came across this article about installing Exchange Server in very less time.   on a blog which has very good information 2010 in very less time.

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Windows server hardening guides

Here are some great resources we can utilize for Windows Server Hardening:

All these Windows Server Hardening Guides are very good and contains each and every information you need to secure your Windows server environment.

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