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SharePoint 2013 how to tutorials for end users

I am working on SharePoint 2013 deployment project, where I will be upgrading my SharePoint 2007 environment to SharePoint 2013. In order to successfully complete the project I have to make sure that my end users also adopt the the brand new look & feel and new features of the product. I was looking for some nice tutorials  for end users and came across this nice SharePoint learning site where the author Isha Kapoor has compiled very useful SharePoint 2013 How To Tutorials for end users. Here the link to to the site:

[Solved]SharePoint 2007 error: the file is checked out or locked for editing domain\User

On my SharePoint 2007 site, I have a picture library. There was a file which I wanted to delete , but when I tried to delete it  from the library , it gave me an error “file is checked out or locked for editing by domain\user” . Actually that file was checked by a user who is no more in AD. After lot of Google search I found that , we can delete the file forcefully using SHarePoint designer. 

What is Metafile in Windows

Metafile is consists of NTFS metadata, which is part of part of the system cache . NTFS metadata includes the MFT as well as the other various NTFS metadata files .In the MFT each file attribute record takes 1k and each file has at least one attribute record. Add to this the other NTFS metadata files and you can see why the Metafile category can grow quite large on servers with lots of files.

More about different types of files which consume the physical memory on Windows Server:

High Memory Uses by Metafile on Server 2008 R2

My server was eating up lot of physical memory and was crashing due to shortage of RAM . I was not able to resolve the issue for 2 days but file I came to know about a utility called RamMap from Microsoft , which I ran on my server. It revealed that metafile consuming the highest amount of RAM.


High memory uses by metafile on Server 2008 R2 can be reduced using an another Microsoft called CacheSet which can be downloaded from here : 

More info about metafile : What is metafile? and different types of files which consume the physical memory on Windows Server.

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