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Which Application Use UDP Protocol

Numerous applications use UDP, including: the Domain Name System (DNS),  Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), the Routing Information Protocol (RIP) , Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), VOIP  and Video on demand ( youtube) .

cisco nexus emulator download

I was searching Google for Cisco Nexus emulator download and came across this link which has details about downloading the emulator as a VM and using it on VMware  Workstation:

Rejoin a computer to domain without restart

I came across an article today which mention a PowerShell command to rejoin a computer to the domain without restarting it. More from the article :

“We’ve all been in the situation where we have signed on to a computer only to find that its security relationship with the domain has failed. In the past we’d have to remove the computer from the domain and then join it back again to reestablish the relationship.

This involved two reboots (one to leave, one to join). If it was a server that took a while to boot, the process could take so long that we might even forget why we sat down to sign on to the computer in the first place.

Test-ComputerSecureChannel is one of those cool little PowerShell cmdlets that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Running the cmdlet by itself checks whether the relationship with the domain controller is still good. If it comes back True then everything is okay. If it comes back False then the relationship needs to be fixed.

Using Test-ComputerSecureChannel with the –credential –Repair options allows you to repair the relationship with the domain without any restarts. You run the command, sign out and then can sign in with your domain credentials. For example, to repair the relationship with the WINDOWSITPRO domain, issue the command:

Test-ComputerSecureChannel –credential WINDOWSITPRO\Administrator –Repair

When signed on as a local administrator.

Test-ComputerSecureChannel has been around since Windows Server 2008 R2.”

[Solved]XP mode not working after installation

So today I installed Windows XP mode on my Windows 7 64 bit PC by following this URL:

After completing the installation without any error, to my surprise , I couldn’t see the “Windows XP Mode” in start menu programs.  After investing some time on Google I came to know that we also need install Windows Virtual PC file

(KB958559) before or after  Windows XP mode installation. Once I downloaded  and installed the file, XP Mode started working fine and was added to my Start Menu as well . After installing KB958559, it will ask you to reboot the computer.
Here are the download links for KB958559.

32 bit:
64 bit:

Here is the nice article about installing and using Windows XP Mode on Windows 7 PC.

Tags: XP mode not working after installation, Windows 7 XP Mode is not showing up in start menu.

How to remove inactive search topology in SharePoint 2013

After configuring a new search topology I used this Powershell command to to remove inactive search topology in SharePoint 2013:

Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplication | Get-SPEnterpriseSearchTopology |? {$_.State -eq "Inactive"} |% { Remove-SPEnterpriseSearchTopology -Identity $_ -Confirm:$false};

I hope this saves someone’s time!!

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