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Event ID 68518–The virtual machine couldn't be replicated

Problem:  You are trying to replicate a server to Azure and receiving the error “The virtual machine couldn't be replicated” and an event is generated with following Description:

Error ID : 68518
Possible causes : More than 20% of the replication cycles for virtual machine 'Treeserver' in cloud/site 'CND'   have been missed. Replication couldn't complete because of issues with   connectivity to the Azure storage account.

Recommendation : Fix any issues in the Event Viewer logs (Applications and   Service Logs - MicrosoftAzureRecoveryServices) on the Hyper-V host server and   if required resume the replication.

Solution : This problem is occurs when you don't have enough space on the local drive of the server which you are replicating. The only option is to increase the local disk space. Please refer to this KP Article published by Microsoft:

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