How Get Reliance Jio SIM Without LYF Phone

So you are also excited like me to try out the newly launched 4G data services from Reliance Jio. Currently the only option to experience Reliance Jio 4G internet is to buy their LYF brand phones and get the 3 months of data subscription free. After three months you can buy different data plans available to suit pocket.

But if you already have a 4G enabled smart phone and thinking of How to Get Reliance Jio SIM Without LYF Phone?  Don't worry you can still try out these options to get the Jio SIM for your smartphone :

1. Find someone in your friend circle who works for Reliance. The employees of Reliance can refer some people to get Jio 4G try your luck.

2. You can make use Reliance Jio Preview Offer which is available for certian devices. You just need to download the JioApp to get started and follow the instructions on the app. You can explore more on the link

Configuring SQL2012 mirroring for XenDesktop

Came across these resources for configuring SQL2012 mirroring for XenDesktop and XenApp envoirnment, keeping here for reference :

When we need CAS in SCCM1012

I was working on  SCCM2012  design for a small environment and wanted to figure out if I need to incorporate CAS ( Central Administration Site ) in the design. Initially I was assuming that CAS will provide HA in the environment, but I was wrong . CAS is only required when we want to manage 100K+ clients  and when we have multiple primary sites. For a relatively small environment,  people are recommending to go with stand alone primary site.

Here are some links for a good reference on CAS:

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