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How to Migrate/move SharePoint Databases from One SQL Server to Another

Following are the major steps to be taken to migrate/move sharepoint database from one SQL server to another SQL server:

1.Log into administration site (http://sharepointserver/default.aspx)
2.Click on the Operations tab and select perform a backup.
3.Select farm level backup and hit continue.
4.Enter destination of backup files and wait until finished backup.
5.Log onto the SharePoint server hosting the central administration.
6.Go to Start > Microsoft Office Server > SharePoint Product and Technologies Configuration Wizard.
7.Disconnect the server from the farm.
8.Repeat this step for the other web servers in the server farm if any.
9.Return to the first server and run the configuration wizard again, this time creating a new farm.
10.Enter data for the new database server (DBSERVER\Sharepoint) and create the farm.
11.Go to remaining web servers and join an existing farm using (DBSERVER\Sharepoint) for database.
12.Connect to administration site (http://sharepointserver/default.aspx)
13.Go to operations tab and select services on server.
14.Enable Office SharePoint Server Search
15.Enable Windows SharePoint Services Search Service (Leave default database information).
16.Go to Operations tab and perform a restore.
17.Select location of backup file and choose to restore the entire farm.

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