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Store user pictures in AD using thumbnailPhoto attribute

We can store user pictures in AD using thumbnailPhoto attribute of AD user object. That picture can will be showing in Outlook 2010 contacts and user profile page on SharePoint 2010. Here are some helpful links on understanding and implementing the concept:

1. Configuring thumbnailphoto attribute in AD :

2. Free tool to store pictures to AD: ( paid version is also available at  lower cost)

3. How SharePoint 2010 fetch the user picture from AD using thumbnailphoto attribute:

4. Few other resources to understand the concept:




5. Another licensed tool for uploading pictures in AD:

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Yavuz Bogazci said...

Also the thumbnailPhoto Tool at can set and edit the thumbnailPhoto attribute.

The thumbnailPhoto Tool makes it a snap to import a photo to the users thumbnailPhoto attribute. Image resizing, scale and also a marquee tool are available.

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