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How to configure Vodafone India Rs.98 2GB GPRS Internet plan on iPhone

I have a post paid connection from Vodafone and wanted to use their Rs.98 plan 2GB vodafone mobile connect plan on my iPhone 3GS ( ios 5.0.1). When i called vodafone customer care they told me that Rs.98 plan can not be used for iPhone, we have to subscribe Rs.199 GPRS 2G (with 3GB) iphone plan to get the internet on iphone. But still i went for Rs98 plan and told vodafone  CC that I will use this plan with Nokia mobile handset.

So I started searching the internet to know how I can use vodafone India Rs98 GPRS plan on my iphone?

After lot of search I came to about two simplest way to to that. Here are the 2 easiest options to setup and configure vodafone india GPRS internet on iPhone:


Option1 : Use iPhone Configuration Utility to set the APN for internet access :

Step 1: Download this utility from here and install it. After installation open the application , connect your iPhone and click Configuration profiles. provide the basic information as showing on below image:

configure Vodafone India Rs. 98 2GB GPRS Internet plan on iPhone

Step 2: On the Configuration profiles page scroll down to Advanced option and configure following

Access Point Name (APN) = portalnmms
Access Point User Name = nil
Access Point Password = nil
Proxy Server  and Port = and  9401
 configure Vodafone India Rs. 98 2GB GPRS Internet plan on iPhone

Step 3:Click on your phone name under Devices tab ,click on Configuration Profiles from right side of the page and click on Install button  :
 configure Vodafone India Rs. 98 2GB GPRS Internet plan on iPhone
Step 4:There will a pop showing on your iPhone , you need to confirm and click on Install button to install the profile on your iPhone. Now turn on the Data Roaming on your phone from  Settings—>General—>Network

At this point you will be able to use internet on your phone, but you may experience that some apps are still not connecting to internet and saying that cellular data network is not available. to resolve that issue go back to the configuration utility and do the following:
-->Connect your iphone to the computer –> select your device from the list --> click on configuration profile—> click on remove

-->Click on Configuration Profiles under LIBRARY tab —->Scroll down to Advanced –-> Change APN name to “www” –-> ldelete Proxy server IP address and Port number ( leave blank )

--> Select your device from the list --> click on configuration profile—> select profile name and click on Install

--> On your iPhone turn on data roaming

Now your iphone will be access internet without any problem.


Option 2:Using MTNL 3G SIM card to configure APN on iphone

This method is very simple, you need a MTNL 3G SIM card ( buy or borrow it from your friends).

Enable 3G on iphone --> Insert the MTNL 3G sim -->go to Settings—>General—>Network—>Cellular Data network and enter the APN as www (which is required to use  vodafone mobile connect)—> leave all other options blank –> now remove MTNL sim and insert vodafone sim –> turn on data roaming on iphone.


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