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how to identify motherboard chipset- what is my chipset

Here are few tips on  how to identify motherboard chipset  or to know what is my chipset:

Device manager:
Follow these steps to identify your chipset using the Microsoft Windows  Device Manager:
  1. Open Device Manager using the steps listed for your operating system.

    Windows Vista*: click Start » click Control Panel » click System and Maintenance » click Device Manager

    Windows XP*: click Start » click Control Panel » double-click the Systemicon » click the Hardware tab » click Device Manager 
  2. Click the sign to expand the System devices entry.
  3. Look for the chipset name in a string similar to the following: "Intel® 955X Memory Controller Hub - 2774". In this example, the chipset is an Intel® 955X Express Chipset.

Product documentation:

Check the system or motherboard documentation for information about your chipset.

Chipset markings:
If you are not able to identify motherboard chipset using the other methods, a qualified professional might be able to help. The chipset markings on the motherboard can usually be used to identify the Intel chipset components in your computer.

Intel® Chipset Identification Utility:
This utility gives a general idea of your chipset and directs you to the appropriate support content. Download the Intel Chipset Identification Utility : 

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Unknown said...

my drivers has G31/G33/P31/P33 EXPRESS CHIP-SET PCI EXPRESS ROOT PORT-29C1. What does it mean ? what is my pc's real chip-set?

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