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Microsoft Azure Developer Program Benefits - Free 300 USD Credit

Today I am sharing a great news for you people who want to learn and play around with Microsoft “Azure" Public Cloud offering . Microsoft is giving a 300$ (25 $ per month for one year) credit on Azure platform to consume if you sign up and join Visual Studio Dev Essentials. You can use your credit on popular Azure services, including Virtual Machines, Web Apps, Cloud Services, Mobile Services, Storage, SQL Database, Content Delivery Network, HDInsight and Media Services.

Some of the common uses cases for you are:
Provision and use one S0 Standard Azure SQL Database
 -  Run a D2 Windows VM for ~ 90 hours
 -  Analyze big data for 24 hours with an A3 Hadoop Insight Cluster
 -  Run five Linux D11 virtual machines for 24 hours
To now more and signup for this offer you can open this URL:

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